Intelex Lays Down Gauntlet in Tech Fitbit Challenge

It’s no secret that the tech industry is highly competitive. It’s also not a secret that sitting is considered the new smoking. That’s why we here at Intelex have decided to take a step in the right direction to encourage active living (and a little healthy competition).

So we laid down the gauntlet and issued a challenge to our peers in the tech community to a good old fashioned fitness competition. And all this in the name of charity. The goal of the challenge is to be the most physically active company – measured in steps. Shoplogix, PointClickCare, 360 Incentives and Accelerated Connections have accepted challenge in style (see #TechStepsUp twitter feed).

The Tech Fitbit Challenge officially kicks off on February 1st (This weekend!). Super Bowl viewing parties may take precedence and hinder activity this weekend, so it might be a slow start out of the gate… Guess we shall see.

All competitors are equipped with Fitbits that track and record steps taken and automatically uploads detailed stats to a company dashboard. Total scores are calculated at the end of each month and a winner will be crowned. The winner will reign supreme for the month with “bragging rights” and their charity of choice will receive a donation courtesy of the “loosing” competitors. The monthly competition will then restart.

Here’s a rundown of all the charities that each team will be competing for:

  • Shoplogix – Sick Kid’s Hospital
  • PointClickCare – Seniors in Need
  • 360 Incentives – Charity Water
  • ACI – Ronald Macdonald House
  • Intelex Technologies – The Daily Bread Food Bank

So it’s game on!! Let’s see who can really Step-Up and take home the title! Be sure to follow us on twitter @intelex with the #TechStepsUp for ongoing updates!

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