Canadian Gold Producer Agnico Eagle Cuts Accident Frequency Rate in Half

In 2011, Canadian gold producer Agnico Eagle Mines had an Accident Frequency Rate of 3.23 per 200,000 working hours. By 2014, they had cut that number down by more than half, reporting an Accident Frequency Rate of 1.48 at the end of the year. So, how did they do it?

By implementing best practices in accident management, engaging employees through collaboration, and demonstrating exceptional safety leadership among top management. They also relied on Intelex’s EHS Management software to support them in their new, streamlined approach to training, incidents, inspections and other critical business activities.

Committing to EHS Excellence

Agnico Eagle purchased Intelex EHS Management software in 2011, replacing their old Excel spreadsheets that had become inefficient. With Intelex’s centralized approach to training, incidents, inspections and other critical business activities, Agnico Eagle has streamlined communication across multiple divisions worldwide. They also simplified prioritization and decision-making by creating six unique dashboards, designed to allow users to view their location’s performance in real time.

Agnico Eagle’s success is directly tied to the commitment demonstrated by their management team throughout their implementation. Not only did the gold producer assemble an internal team dedicated to ensuring a smooth implementation, they held a meeting every two weeks dedicated to addressing potential hurdles and ensuring things were progressing as planned. Following the initial implementation, Agnico Eagle continued to take advantage of the system’s configurability to design and implement their own forms, questionnaires, reports and more.

Agnico Eagle Mines: A Safety Success Story

A true safety success story, Agnico Eagle was in Toronto in October 2014 to accept Intelex’s Performance Excellence Award for Safety Leadership, given to one company each year that has demonstrated outstanding efforts in safety management to improve safety across their organization.

“With access to the key details related to each health and safety incident and the ability to share and learn from each other’s experiences in real time we’ve gained a powerful advantage – one that will help us be even safer,” said Michel Tetreault, Agnico Eagle’s Health and Safety Advisor.

Visit Intelex’s website to read the Agnico Eagle case study in full and learn more.

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