Intelex Looks to Pay-it-Forward in 2015!

The first two weeks of 2015 have officially come to a close! Have you stuck to all of your resolutions? Or were your holidays so perfect that you refuse to admit there are another 330 + days until the next ones?  Perhaps it was the time off work, spent with loved ones and friends, or the exchanging of gifts and decorating of trees? Whatever it was that made you happy this holiday season, I hope you took the time to relish in it, to be so grateful that you were surrounded by it,  but most importantly, to remember that we all have the power to pay that joy forward!

Charities and community engagement have always been important to us at Intelex. Over the years we’ve  gotten involved in the Movember Campaign, held quarterly bake sales for various charities, and organized rock shows for a cause and more! While we take pride in making these efforts year round, we made an extra effort over the holiday season to help out some members of our own community.

The Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project is a Canada wide initiative that operates in many cities across the
nation.  The goal is to provide women in shelters across the country with a shoebox full of items that they wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves.  It lets them know that their community cares about them while providing volunteers a great hands-on opportunity to contribute to a great cause.

A group of Intelex women joined together to donate a total of 14 shoeboxes!  Not only was it a great feeling to contribute to such an honorable program, but the ladies had a great time shopping, wrapping and writing cards for the gift recipients.

Daily Bread Food Bank

The second company-wide program was a food and fund drive with all proceeds benefiting Toronto Families in need.  Intelex promised to match every dollar donated by an employee with a goal of raising $5000.00 for the Daily Bread Food Bank. The monthly “Cake Time Celebrations” at the office along with the 4th and 6th floor auditoriums became home to donation bins where staff were encouraged to provide food and clothing.

The amount of contributions was overwhelming, and the team crushed all expectations with a total of $6,723.00 raised in donations. So our total donation to The Daily Bread Food Bank, including corporate matching was $13,546!

All Intelex employees are provided two “Charity Days” in order to have an opportunity to give back to the community while not worrying about taking days off work.  Are you interested in joining the team here at Intelex and getting involved in the many employee programs we have to offer?  Visit our careers page for more information:

They say you spend the year the way you started it. Here’s to a 2015 filled with paying it forward!

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