A DIY Safety Guide for Your Workplace Halloween!

Only three days left until Halloween which means the ghosts and goblins of Intelex are working extra hard to prepare for the festivities! Pumpkin carving competitions, costume contests, and the Intelex Sprout (children’s) Halloween Costume Parade are a few examples of the spooky activities taking place today!

But even the finest of monster mashes must be planned with the utmost precaution. Workplace safety includes social events and extra-curricular activities facilitated by the organization. We thought this would be the perfect time to share the top 5 tips and tricks we keep in mind when preparing for an extra safe night of fright!

1. Incident proof your Haunted House

  • Don’t be a ghoul, be safe on the foot stool! The ghosts and witches won’t hang up themselves so make sure to have a colleague spot you on the ladder when tackling those hard-to-reach decorations.
  • Keep streamers, balloons and other festive pieces away from hot lights.
  • Remember that while dark is spooky, too dark is dangerous. Keep your space well lit!

2. Encourage costume safety

  • Eliminate tripping hazards and snags – avoid long hanging costumes and oversized footwear. (I’m looking at you clowns)
  • Ensure complete hearing and visibility – a great way to do this is to use make up instead of a mask to complete your creep crawly look!
  • Reduce the number of sharp objects and props– smooth and flexible swords, pirates and ninjas!

3. Update your guests on building procedures

  • If guests are attending your event that may not be aware of evacuation procedures, make sure to give them a run down before the festivities begin. You can also assign a knowledgeable employee to be in charge of escorting the visiting crowd in case of emergency.

4. Take precaution when handing out treats

  • While you should be able to avoid the hazards that come along with going door to door for goodies, it is still important to check the quality of the treats you will be distributing. (Expiry dates, employee/guest allergies etc.)

5. Always have somebody on monster watch

  • It’s easy to get carried away with the logistical safety of the night! But please don’t forget that this is high season for many mystical creatures. Have a dedicated team in charge of protecting your party-goers from goblins, witches, zombies and monsters. Extra points if they are in Ghostbuster uniform!

Happy Halloween from our office to yours!


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