Etihad Airways Awarded the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for User Adoption

Etihad Airways flew home from the User Conference with extra weight in their luggage –the Intelex Performance Excellence Award for User Adoption, that is. To win this award, a client must demonstrate extraordinary levels of effectiveness in their user adoption process, demonstrating the innovative and structured ways in which they have ensured high levels of adoption in their company.

At Etihad, user adoption is critical to their mission. Etihad’s CEO tackled user adoption by first focusing on corporate-wide messaging centered on safety culture. Then they rebranded their Intelex system,, for a consistent user experience. Etihad also created a main landing page featuring links to training materials, user manuals, and a new e-learning platform, to assist new users.

To reach Etihad’s global audience of over 20,000 employees, which is made up of pilots, cabin crew, engineers and ground staff in 80 different locations, the team had to be creative. Given that employees stay in crew apartments in Abu Dhabi, Etihad created hotel door hangers, complete with messaging on why, when, and how to report incidents. The campaign was a success, easing the transition from manual to electronic reporting, and resulting in a 25% increase in the amount of reports submitted.

Congratulations Etihad for your excellent initiatives in user adoption – your hard work has paid off!

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