Webinar: Achieving Operational Excellence with 8D Problem Solving

Being able to respond effectively to nonconformances and product defects is crucial to success in any quality assurance role. Addressing and eliminating the underlying root cause of a problem can prevent recurring issues, however, more often than not, quality professionals find themselves trapped in reactive, inefficient processes. In order to implement proactive quality management processes, quality professionals across all industries are turning to an approach that many in the automotive and manufacturing sectors have been using successfully for some time: the Eight Disciplines (8D) Problem Solving process.

The 8D Problem Solving process is now one of the most effective and widely used problem solving processes by quality professionals, and Intelex’s new solution for nonconformances and product defects incorporates this proven approach to continuous improvement. In this webinar, Achieving Operational Excellence with the Eight Disciplines (8D) Problem Solving Process, you will learn how you can integrate the 8D Problem Solving approach into your processes to establish a proactive quality management program.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Understanding the 8D method and why it’s the cornerstone of many new lean initiatives.
  • Replacing old, reactive approaches to managing nonconformances.
  • Successfully identifying root causes and correcting and eliminating recurring problems.
  • Globally communicating the lessons learned to share best practices across multiple locations.
  • Realizing the benefits of a proactive, continuous improvement approach to quality.

Watch a preview below or click here to watch the full webinar.

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