Intelex Bakes in Support of “Raising the Village”

This week Intelex’s Charity Bake Sale Team held another successful bake sale for a fantastic charitable organization, Raising the Village.

The team of bakers outdid themselves this time, with a mouthwatering spread that included cinnamon buns, M&M cookies, mini crème brûlées, banana bread, homemade pop tarts, mango bars, cookie dough donuts, oatmeal cookies, coconut macaroons and more!

Everyone who made a purchase received some great literature about the cause at hand, and when the money was counted up at the end of the day, the amount raised was $600! Intelex is generously matching the bake sale team’s efforts, meaning we’re able to donate $1,200 total! That’s a lot of awareness, and a lot of impact for one bake sale!

To put it into perspective, Raising the Village estimates that $100 will provide 12 children with a desk in their classroom, allowing them the opportunity to sit and learn. $1,000 allows a community women’s group the opportunity to manage 20 goats, increasing their potential household income a thousand times over.

Raising the Village is a Toronto-based, registered not-for-profit organization that partners with remote villages in Sub-Saharan Africa to turn the tide against extreme poverty. The organization empowers communities to determine their own futures and foster self-sufficiency to eliminate the need for future aid and funding. Visit their website and learn more about organizing a fundraising event of your own!

Thank you to everyone at Intelex who donated so generously – we’ll see you at our next bake sale!


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