Town of Ajax Uses Intelex Document Control to Support a Culture of Quality

The Town of Ajax is located in Ontario, Canada and holds the distinct honour of being the first North American municipality to have been fully registered to the ISO 9001 standard – all nine of its departments have been certified since 1997!

Of course, as many businesses certified to ISO 9001 know, remaining in compliance with the standards’ requirements can demand a fair bit of effort. The municipality was keeping 27 sets of binders across their departments with copies of their ISO 9001 quality documentation, and every time a document was created, edited or updated, 27 copies had to be printed, distributed and added to each binder. Managing this documentation became a daunting task. As the Manager of Quality Service and Special Projects, David Forget knew that they needed a better way to ensure version control and audit readiness.

“It was an administrative nightmare,” says David. “There was just so much paper, so many resources and so much time put into managing documents.” So the Town of Ajax released an RFP, hoping to find an electronic document management system that would simplify their ISO 9001 compliance.

Luckily, they found Intelex! The Town of Ajax now houses more than 10,000 documents in Intelex’s web-based Document Control system, including not just quality documentation but also by-laws, corporate policies, letterhead, and scanned engineering drawings.

“Our Intelex system has become a one-stop-shop for necessary documentation and ensures that staff use the most up-to-date version of a document,” David explains. “We highly recommend Intelex software as an effective way to streamline business processes while saving on resources.”

The Town of Ajax has now been using the Intelex system for over a decade to simplify their ISO 9001 certification requirements, ensure the timely completion of annual document reviews and streamline the approval process with automated email notifications.

“Quality is not a plaque on a wall. It’s not something that sits in a binder on a shelf. It needs to become part of the culture, and something that staff lives and breathes,” David emphasizes. “We’ve been able to do that through ISO, through our documented procedures and certainly through the Intelex system.”

Read the full Town of Ajax Case Study to learn more, and request Free Trial Access to discover how Intelex can help your business improve performance, reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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