Intelex ½ Vision Meeting – 2014.5

Are we really half way through Fiscal Year 2014? It seems only yesterday that Intelexians were testing their luck and rolling the dice at our annual Vision Meeting’s pop up Casino party. But spring is finally here which means one specific thing for all Torontonians: Jays Games. It also means it’s time for the Intelex team to get together and reflect on the year and to map out goals for the next 6 months. And so begins the Half Vision Meeting – 2014.5.

Blue t-shirts arrived prior to the event to help celebrate our Gartner accomplishments in style. All 250 matching Intelexians were in attendance including two of our British colleagues, Bobby  and Colin, who flew in for the occasion! New products on the roadmap, expansion plans, and marketing initiatives were shared by the executive team. CEO Mark Jaine took the stage for the grand finale, a motivational presentation about work- life balance and the importance of loving what you do. And boy is it hard not to with so many accomplishments to be proud of.

Employees line up to receive their FitBit and start their trek to the moon!

A fun fact about our CEO is that he never runs out of unique goals for the group. He revealed that our next team challenge for the year would be to collectively walk enough steps to get to the MOON! Each employee was provided a FitBit which tracks their walking distance covered each day. Beginning June 1st, these will be uploaded to a group account and our journey will begin! There were some extra popcorn runs made up and down the stairs of the Rogers Centre that night.

With FitBits clipped on and tickets in hand, Intelexians headed over to the ballgame to unwind and enjoy some time with colleagues and friends. The Jays won their 7th consecutive game that evening and both Intelex and the Jays celebrated their success amongst a sea of blue. The event ended with an overwhelming sense of pride amongst the entire stadium. Here’s to the rest of 2014!

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