A Golden Weekend : Intelex Retreat 2014

With Tim Horton’s cups in hand and the men’s semi-final Olympic hockey game on the radio, Intelex employees headed north this past weekend through the 10 ft snowbanks for the Annual Intelex Holiday Retreat.

For the second year in a row, the JW Marriott Rosseau Muskoka was invaded by two buses full of eager Intelexians. The weekend was packed with snow shoeing, swimming, relaxing at the spa, and even the Intelex Sprouts had their fun at the first ever baby convention. Coworkers shocked one another at the talent show Saturday night where an array of hidden talents emerged. There was singing, dancing, rapping, comedy and of course a rocking performance from our very own band, Kings of Strachan.

While the rest of the nation prepared itself for Sunday’s 7 a.m. Olympic final game against Sweden, Intelex employees were ready for a little hockey fun of their own. Inspired by the Canadian women’s gold medal, Intelexians and their families braved the cold Muskoka winds on Saturday afternoon for the 2014 Intelex Winter Classic!

Team Hicks (blue) vs Team Jaine (white) took the ice at the JW Marriott for the ultimate showdown. The game was close and kept fans on their toes, but Team Hicks eventually pulled into the lead and finished the match as champions.

Intelex jerseys were shed for the red, white and maple leaf ensembles, and both teams united in the early hours of Sunday morning to celebrate Canada’s gold medal victory. Congrats to Intelex, Team Hicks, Team Jaine (and Team Canada) on a great weekend!

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