Meet an Intelex Client: Candi Castellano, CMC

Candi Castellano is an Administrative Assistant at Commercial Metals Company (CMC), a Fortune 500 steel company based in Texas that recycles, manufactures, fabricates and trades steel globally. The company has been using Intelex’s software for approximately two years now, and in the video below Candi discusses the improvements she’s seen in that time.

Meet an Intelex Client: Candi Castellano – CMC from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

“It used to take me a day to prepare my reports for month end and now it takes me about an hour,” says Candi, who is thrilled with the time savings she’s been able to achieve in her job.

CMC uses Intelex’s Incident Management system and a custom form that they call their “Safety Action Form.” Prior to Intelex, there was a need to increase reporting consistency across the organization’s different locations. “Among our 120 locations everyone had different reporting systems,” Candi explains. “We’ve seen a great improvement as far as reporting to management.”

According to Candi, the original decision to go with Intelex rather than another solution had a lot to do with the community and the support that was available. “Our project manager has been great,” she says. “So far I’ve had a great experience.”

CMC’s ongoing success with their Intelex system has encouraged the company to look to Intelex for further business solutions, taking advantage of the system’s configurability and modular nature. CMC plans to begin using Intelex’s Training Management and Document Control solutions in the near future, and Candi goes on to say that she has a list of eight or so additional Intelex applications she’s hoping to propose to management.

“I recommend the product to anyone,” she concludes with enthusiasm.

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