Intelex 6th Annual Vision Meeting

December 11th marked the 6th Annual Vision Meeting, hosted by Intelex President and CEO Mark Jaine. Held at the Hyatt Regency Toronto hotel, the meeting was a huge success. With the entire Intelex team in attendance, the event consisted of a full day of presentations showcasing the accomplishments of the past year, as well as the goals and priorities of the coming year, coupled with interactive group activities.

President and CEO, Mark Jaine provided a riveting opening address and capturing presentations were given by all senior executives, including Mark, to help employees better understand Intelex’s plan for the new year. From Sales to Product to Marketing to Finance, the topics covered were all encompassing and showcased Intelex’s new products and ideas to assist the continued expansion of the organization.  

The event also incorporated team-building exercises to help employees get to know one another better. Split into groups, Intelexians used their creativity and competed in the Intelex Jingle competition, as well as other morale boosting activities.

As per tradition, a champagne toast marked the end of the meeting and the beginning of the evening’s celebrations. Intelexians enjoyed a casino night with prizes, as well as a DJ dance party. The team was able to unwind and connect with their co-workers, all the while learning more about what it means to be an Intelexian.  It was the perfect way to finish the year and jumpstart the new one.

A special thanks to those who worked tirelessly to plan and coordinate the event, as well as to all Intelexians for attending! Here’s to a wonderful new year ahead!

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