Intelex Partners with KDE Group in Israel

From left to right: Avi Iliaguiev, Intelex Account Manager; Hanan Hefter, KDE Group Account Executive; and Paul Kohn, KDE Group CEO.

At Intelex we are continuously growing our global partner network by teaming up with organizations who offer specific regional expertise in developing and implementing environment, health, safety and quality management solutions. 

We recently partnered with an Israel-based organization, KDE Business Intelligence Systems Group, who implement software systems for medium and large enterprises and provide specialized training and consulting services. This exciting, new partnership signifies Intelex’s entrance into the Israeli market.

Working with KDE Group will help Intelex to grow our international presence in Israel, which we did not have access to prior to this partnership. KDE Group agents will provide implementation support in Israel for Intelex software. This local support from implementation specialists will enable us to provide an exceptional level of customer service, and ensure we address each client’s individual needs.

“KDE Group values their customers and strives to provide the ultimate client experience, an attitude and culture that is very similar to what we have here at Intelex,” said Avi Iliaguiev, Intelex Account Manager. “Having worked closely with KDE Group, I was able to experience their hospitality firsthand. One of the sales executives for KDE Group, Hanan Hefter, personally taxi’d me to various sites and even gifted me a bottle of homemade olives. It is refreshing to find an organization who are well-known industry experts and who value their customers on such a personal level. Overall, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with KDE Group.”

KDE Group’s implementation team brings extensive knowledge and experience in working with a variety of enterprise software systems. Their agents will provide implementation support for Intelex clients in Israel. KDE Group’s development team has proven expertise in EHSQ software, as well as management software systems.

As we grow internationally, partnering with regional organizations that have an intimate knowledge of these international markets can help provide a more tailored solution that address the local requirements that these businesses must comply with. For more information about KDE Group, visit

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