Meet an Intelex Client: Ryan Orvis, CHS

Ryan is an Intelex System Administrator at CHS, a Fortune 100 company and leading provider of energy, grain and food solutions. Working out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ryan is employed as a Business System Administrator focusing on Risk Management. When he’s asked what it was that made CHS choose Intelex, Ryan doesn’t hesitate.

“We did a full comparison between Intelex and some of the other applications,” Ryan says. “The biggest reason was the flexibility that Intelex gave us.”

Meet an Intelex Client: Ryan Orvis – CHS from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

When given the chance to elaborate on how Intelex has improved CHS’s business operations, Ryan stresses the value of having a software system that is up to the task of managing the data of a large, international company.

“One of the greatest things about the Intelex system for us is the ability for the system to manage data across our hundreds of locations,” says Ryan. He talks about how this allows managers to go into the system and see what’s happening across all of their different sites.

Ryan’s favorite Intelex application is the Incident Management software that CHS uses. Being able to track incidents across the whole organization, conduct investigations and follow up as needed has been a valuable tool for the company.

“We love the support that we get from Intelex, they’re great,” Ryan goes on to say, praising the support staff for their friendly and timely assistance.

“I’ve had a good experience with Intelex,” Ryan says. “The Intelex team is a very hard working group and they’ve got a good product and we’re excited to be using it.”

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