Meet an Intelex Client: Maria Frain, Campbell Soup Company

Maria is employed as an Environmental Analyst at Campbell Soup Company’s corporate headquarters in Camden, New Jersey. In addition to their iconic $2.1 billion Campbell’s brand, the company’s portfolio includes Goldfish crackers, Swanson broths and Prego pasta sauces. Campbell’s came to Intelex because they were looking for a system that could manage their environmental data and also report on environmental metrics.

Meet an Intelex Client: Maria Frain – Campbell Soup from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

“We had a difficult time finding a system that handled both the environmental management side as well as the metrics side,” Maria says. “We found Intelex to be the one that was the most configurable and that met all our needs.”

For Campbell Soup Company, it was also very important that their new system work with their existing business processes. “We had a lot of pre-existing data that we needed to bring into Intelex and use.” Maria explains. She notes that the configurability of the Intelex system allowed Campbell Soup to create the format they needed in order to “bring our historic data in, as well as continue to collect data in a format which all of our outside plants were used to submitting.”

Prior to implementing Intelex, there was a lot of information that was housed corporately and was not equally available among their plant sites. Now that their system is web-based, Campbell Soup Company is able to easily share information relating to policies, training, permits, and other important documentation.

“It helps us at corporate especially,” Maria says. “When there’s an incident or a violation or something we can all easily access the documents, all the necessary permits and make quicker and better decisions.”

When asked to sum up her experience with Intelex, Maria is quick to praise the responsiveness of the Intelex team and the user friendly nature of the software. “I enjoy working with Intelex,” she says, “and the product itself is very very good.”

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