Meet an Intelex Client: John Whatley, Flex-N-Gate

John is an Environmental Health & Safety Facilitator for Flex-N-Gate, one of America’s largest private companies. With 52 facilities scattered throughout the Americas and Europe, Flex-N-Gate manufactures high quality products and systems for the automotive industries. In this video, John discusses what makes Intelex stand out from the competition.

Meet an Intelex Client: John Whatley – Flex N Gate from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

“We had existing systems that were becoming obsolete for our quality management systems and environmental, health and safety,” says John, who works out of Windsor, Ontario. The decision process that led Flex-N-Gate to choose Intelex over the other options on the market was thorough. “We looked at all of them,” John claims, “and we chose Intelex because it was the most intuitive.”

John emphasizes that ease of user adoption was a high priority, for him as an Intelex system administrator and for the company as a whole. Flex-N-Gate purchased several Intelex applications and decided to launch their Document Control software first in order to gain user acceptance. They went live with the Intelex system in early 2013, and John is pleased with the response so far.

“Our users are finding it really simple to use,” John says, noting that there are some great aspects of the approval and review processes that Flex-N-Gate has been able to take advantage of. “It’s worked out really well for us.”

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