Meet an Intelex Client: Blair Howell, Subaru

Blair is the Environmental, Health and Safety Assistant Manager for Subaru Canada. A well-known name in the automotive industry, Subaru first began using Intelex at their manufacturing facility in the United States. At the time, Subaru was working towards ISO 14001 certification and they needed a system that would help them achieve their environmental goals. According to Blair, “Intelex was by far the best application and system out there.”

Meet an Intelex Client: Blair Howell – Subaru from Intelex Videos on Vimeo.

Working out of Mississauga, Ontario, Blair has found that for him the most beneficial tool has been the training application. Previously, Subaru experienced difficulty tracking training and both management and employees had a hard time understanding training requirements and schedules.

“Before we were in a folder system,” Blair says. “Employees had a really difficult time identifying where all this information was located.” By centralizing their data, Intelex “really helped bring all that together into one system that we can control.”

Blair says that over time Subaru has also seen their nonconformances drop, and both he and their external auditor give a good deal of credit to their Intelex software management system.

“Every year the auditor talks about not just how we’re running our system, but he actually speaks a lot about Intelex to top management, letting them know how much Intelex has improved our business from his standpoint as a third party auditor,” Blair explains.

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