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It should come as no surprise that we are all about health and safety here at Intelex. It encompasses everything we do, and is at the heart of both our company and community. From day one, our goal has been helping organizations improve performance, reduce risk and ensure compliance in the Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) sector. In fact, our organization was established after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, one of the worst industrial accidents to date, in order to prevent future safety disasters.

What better way to celebrate our commitment to EHSQ than through the Intelex User Conference 2013 (#ILXUC2013)! This annual 3-day conference, from Sept. 18-20, will take place at The King Edward Hotel. The conference features an engaging mix of hands-on training workshops, product case studies, industry and product roundtable discussions, networking opportunities and best practice demonstrations.

Attendees from the 2012 User Conference.

With over 150+ expected attendees, we can hardly wait to welcome our clients and partners from around the globe. You can expect presentations from special guests such as Ray Boisvert, CEO of I-Sec Integrated Strategies, as well as speakers from Campbell Soup Company, Subaru Canada, Harris Steel and Toyota Motor Sales, among others. We’re also excited for our amazing keynote speaker, who brings years of experience, knowledge and success to the stage. Mark Jaine, Intelex‘s CEO, will be delivering his highly anticipated keynote speech, on information, collaboration and transformation in EHSQ .

The internal excitement is bubbling here at Intelex as we work tirelessly on the final preparations of the event. We can’t wait to introduce our newest addition to the conference this year, the Intelex Excellence Awards. These awards will recognize our clients from around the world in their commitment to excellence, innovation and success in EHSQ management and software development and deployment. We also have a special event in store – a Jays vs. Yankees game, where attendees can unwind and network while enjoying some good old fashioned baseball.

Every year attendees leave the conference with innovative ideas that they can’t wait to take back to their company and implement. Join us for two and half days of networking, innovation and how-to’s from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. For more information or to register visit Intelex Exchange.

See you there,

The Intelex Team 

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