2013 World Conference on Quality and Improvement Focuses on Managing Change

Intelex’s Brett McLennan and James Coulen are in Indianapolis this week, talking to people about Quality Management at the 2013 World Conference on Quality and Improvement.

The annual conference is held by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a community of nearly 80,000 quality professionals dedicated to promoting quality tools, principles and practices in workplaces and communities. With more than 100 sessions on this year’s theme, “Managing Change” attendees are sure to walk away with valuable information on maintaining and improving quality while navigating an evolving business landscape.

One of the most exciting changes is the ongoing development of a global marketplace, but with opportunity comes challenges: managing a global supply chain, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations, and coordinating logistics on a global scale are just a few of the key issues that will be addressed at this year’s conference. The good news? Intelex may be able to help!

We offer many applications for environment, health and safety and business performance management, but understandably our focus at this conference is our Quality Management System. Intelex’s system allows you to integrate the management of all your quality-related activities across multiple departments and locations through one centralized online portal. Manage audits and inspections, ensure international regulatory compliance, manage suppliers and drive continual improvement, all from one spot!

If you’re at the conference and want to hear more about the Intelex approach to Quality Management, you can find Brett and James at booth #616. We hope to see you there!

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