McDivitt Law Firm achieves a paperless office but what about the 1,000 leftover binders?

McDivitt Law Firm went paperless last month – a big accomplishment for any organization, but one particularly onerous for law firms that house thousands of confidential legal documents. Each document requires particular care and attention to ensure everything is properly logged and maintained throughout the transition to a paperless office. McDivitt has been scanning documents and filing them away in their online Document Control system since June 2011 and to date have emptied over a thousand, three-inch binders containing approximate 456,000 sheets of paper!

The quest to go paperless came from a growing need to increase efficiency at a law firm that has seen an amazing 40% growth in staff over the last year across its three locations. Moving to a central web-based system would help save not only time, but would free up space for their growing head count. By removing hundreds of binders from the office they now have additional working space to accommodate new employees.

So what does one do with hundreds of binders? McDivitt decided to leverage their Facebook page to reach out to their community and offered up the binders free to schools, hospitals, churches, or any other organizations or small businesses that would be able to make use of them. As expected in this online social era, the response was fairly immediate and amazingly all one thousand plus binders have already been distributed to the local Colorado Springs school district, Habitat for Humanity, and a non-profit organization, TESSA. It’s a great feel-good story that rose out of a standard business need to be more efficient and scalable. 

McDivitt Law Firm engages with their community quite frequently on their Facebook page, including PSA Video contests, updates on their Safe and Sober cab ride home program, job postings and other fun activities happening in and around their neighbourhood. So if you’re a Colorado Springs, Denver, or Pueblo community member, check them out, there’s lots of great information to be found!

Think you can go paperless too? Find out more about online document control.  

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