Mobility and construction: making better decisions

In today’s day and age, technology is the key to profitable project management. Mobile devices and construction software have been developed to improve operational efficiencies not only in the office but in the field as well.  Contractors who have implemented software to perform inspections, replacing spreadsheets, have noticed a positive difference to their bottom line. Mobile devices are now becoming much more accessible and affordable and allow the construction industry to become more efficient, see value into true numbers, and gain the ability to find a profit in every job.

In recent years, Construction businesses have witnessed a theme showing the important lessons come from companies enduring challenges and being pushed to their limits. Since then business owners have realized survival of the fittest is not determined by being the most well-known name in the market or simply just doing the best work. Rather, it is management through efficiency.

Efficiency in the Field

Having an all-in-one construction management software brings all critical business applications within one system that can be used for any and all team members. Having systems tailored to unique contractor needs provides familiarity and ease of use. Having these solutions on Mobile devices will constantly improve productivity, increase real-time communication, provide accurate insight into their projects and activities to maximize profitability. For example, having an iPad application with access to construction safety management software will allow contractors to access valuable information (such as plans, forms, change orders, employee information, scheduling, etc.) With this information, contractors can easily track all information related to any project and can better align themselves for all aspects of the job from beginning to end. 

No more binders, loose papers, job folders, time consuming challenges like looking up information or sharing project details and updating data. 

Additionally, implementing this technology on mobile devices means Project Managers can use existing checklists built into their systems to perform their scheduled audits or inspections tracking all information in real time. By allowing this, contractors put more time back on the clock and project managers can use extra time to do more profit-boosting work. 

Remote Reporting

How about reporting? The struggle of keeping information updated will be eliminated. With construction safety management software you can easily record daily record activities, capture data for any job site such as labor or equipment use and have real time visibility into this information. This log can help for any audit trail needed, explaining scheduling delays, protecting against back charges, justifying change orders or in worse case scenarios, it can serve as legal documents. It can also provide valuable information in real time for executives.

Owners need to measure their efforts project over project to see where they can improve. Investing is construction management solutions will allow to control all critical business operations, enabling more efficiency and profitable results through the whole project life cycle, all the while gaining competitive edge. Contractors using Mobile devices set new standards for project execution, since they facilitate rapid response times to any issues and allow for confident business decision making. With these systems and tools being easy to use, the power is in the hands of the construction business owner.

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