Wicked winds and high spirits greet Intelex Winter Classic 2013

In advance of the official start of the NHL season, Intelex Technologies ranked and drafted a line-up even Gary Bettman couldn’t hold back.

Late in the evening on Jan. 18, on Intelex’s annual holiday retreat at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka country, the prized Intelex X-Cup was once again up for grabs.

Team Hicks was confident the cup would return back to the hands of a Canadian team captain, but Team Jaine on the other hand was sure it would secure victory for the second straight year.

With a 2-2 game mid way in the third period, tension was building as bodies were flying all over the ice. Frank “The Tank” Friesen put up a stellar performance for the first half of the game, but it was Captain John Phyper’s dump-and-chase strategy that finally started to bring them to victory with a stunning 7-2 win, reclaiming the X-Cup and keeping its place in the Presidents’ new trophy case.  The game had a bit of a late start due to intense weather, manual snow clearing, and less than ideal ice conditions.  But with the X-Cup on the line, our Intelexian Superstars did not disappoint.

With this game being just the start of the Intelex Holiday Weekend, it was clear that spirits were high among players and fans alike.

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