Whistleblower complaints could rise under OSHA proposal

Filing a whistleblower complaint is about to become a whole lot easier. In line with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) increase focus on whistleblower protection, the agency has proposed a rule to allow for new ways to file a whistleblower complaint, including a web-based form.

Under Labour Code 6310, employers can’t retaliate against workers when they file an OSHA complaint. Examples of retaliation include firing, demoting, or transferring the complainant. Currently, the only way to file a whistleblower complaint is to contact the nearest office of the Division of Labour Standards Enforcement.

Under the new proposal, a whistleblower complaint would be a much easier affair, with only a few clicks and keystrokes separating an alleged retaliatory action and the submission of a complaint. If it goes through, the rule would have the potential to dramatically increase the amount of whistleblower complaints filed.

But it is not a done deal yet. The public has until March 18th to comment on the proposal. Go here to take a look at the document in the Federal Register and go to regulations.gov if you want to provide feedback.

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