January is National Radon Action Month

January is National Radon Action Month and the EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General are urging all Americans to take action and protect their health by testing their homes, businesses, schools and other buildings for radon. Radon is impossible to detect by humans as you can’t see, smell or taste it but it is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers in America, claiming the lives of about 20,000 people annually.

Here are four things the EPA recommends you do this month to take precautions against radon:

  • Test Your Home – EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General recommend that all homes in the U.S. be tested for radon. Testing is easy and inexpensive. Learn more about testing your home, including how to obtain an easy-to-use test kit here.
  • Attend a National Radon Action Month event in your area – Look for radon events in your community. Contact your state radon program for more information about local radon activities.
  • Spread the word – spend time during National Radon Action Month encouraging others to learn about radon and test their homes.
  • Buy a radon-resistant home – If you are considering buying a new home, look for builders who use radon-resistant new construction. Read more about radon-resistant new construction, “Building Radon Out: A Step-by-Step Guide to Build Radon-Resistant Homes” or contact your state radon program for information about radon testing, mitigation, and radon-resistant new construction in your area.

Learn more about National Radon Action Month from the EPA’s website here.

For those in Canada looking for info on protecting yourself from radon, Health Canada provides plently of resources for you on their website here.

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