EPA enforcement interactive map

This isn’t particularly new news but I thought I’d blog about it because, well, it’s pretty cool! I spent time playing with the EPA’s compliance and enforcement interactive map earlier today and was amazed by how detailed the content is as you navigate through the tool to find the information you need. The tool currenlty reports on concluded cases from fiscal year 2011 and gives a great visual of where enforcement actions and cases take place across the US. It allows you to pick the types of cases you want to show on the map (Federal facility, criminal, cleanup, air, waste, water, chemical…) and your choice adds or eliminates pins that appear on the map.

When you have the pins visible that you are interested in you can click on them and get detailed additional information about the facilities in question who have had some sort of enforcement against them. Then if you go ahead and click into ‘More info’, there is full detail on the facility, their permits, NOVs, enforcement actions and other information.

The tool is intended to keep the community informed of enforcement cases in their area, which it does well; you only need to put in your city and state to get a localized version of the map that is easier to digest. I’m guessing the 2012 data is still coming but no expected date seems to be indicated.

There are different interactive maps for 2009 and 2010 but the 2011 version has added functionality and a noticably more modern look.

If environmental compliance is something that you manage in your company. Be sure to check out our software for environmental management – it might help you stay off this map!

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