Barik IT Services snatches first annual ‘Partner of the Year’ Award as Intelex expands its global partner network

As we grow internationally, Intelex is seeking to partner with regional organizations that have an intimate knowledge of their markets and a superior EHS experience. In late 2009, Intelex and Barik IT Services entered a partnership agreement designed to expand Intelex’s presence in Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Nearly three years and 23 clients later, Intelex’s brand identity in this region has been significantly accentuated as the result of the work of ur esteemed partners. Barik team is led by Mr. Rahamathulla, an EHS expert with an intimate knowledge of Oman and UAE markets. What started as a one-man show has turned into an 10-person-strong, Intelex-only team that provides business development and implementation services across the region.    

Year over year, the Barik team has managed to meet our clients’ needs and provide services that conform to Intelex standards. A common denominator during our regular market visits is our clients’ satisfaction with Team Barik’s level of knowledge, dedication and willingness to meet their individual needs. As a result of their continuous hard work, Barik IT Services won the first annual ‘Intelex Partner of the Year’ award, which was handed to the company’s President, Mr. Juma Ali (pictured, flanked by Rahamathulla on the left and me on the right), on September 22. After we have closed the chapter of fiscal year 2012, Barik and Intelex look forward to a productive and challenging FY 2013.

Our network of global partners has seen some major expansions recently as Intelex was able to establish reseller agreements with Al Thiga Co. in Saudi Arabia and xQ4 Consulting in Nigeria and Ghana.  

Intelex wants to use this opportunity to thank and congratulate our esteemed partners from Oman/UAE once again. Their level of effort, commitment and expertise is the model we would like to see reflect with our other global partnerships.

Milan Zelcevic  is Intelex’s Alliance Manager. Reach out to him or visit our partner page for more information about our partner program.

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