Benefits of mobile on the rise for energy and utilities companies

More and more, here in the Intelex Energy and Utilities team, we’re seeing a strong need for mobile access in all areas of the Energy-Utilities community. Energy is generated and delivered in a variety of ways throughout the world and reaches out far from centralized stations and hubs. Therefore, the need to have mobile access on a residential, commercial and/or corporate level is becoming much more of a ‘must-have’.  

Whether it’s through downloaded apps or web-based access, residential and commercial customers can quickly report an outage and check on restoration status or have at-a-glance visibility into outages within their communities.  They can easily access their account summary and history, make payments or submit a meter reading.  Utility companies themselves are able to relay information throughout the organization very quickly, 24 hours a day.

Outside of the direct impact on customers, these companies can leverage the right web-based mobile solutions to report incidents and near misses, enter in audit information and work through pre-built checklists, follow up on corrective actions based on nonconformances discovered, as well as view reports and dashboards to display any KPIs that are important to their business.  

By leveraging the convenience and efficiency of smart phone/tablet technology, we’re creating a direct link throughout all areas of the Energy-Utility sector.  This is helping to reduce the time it takes to communicate critical information and as a direct result, allows Energy companies to respond and take action very quickly when any type of incident occurs, from outages to major injuries.

(Pictured: L6 D Electricity transmission tower, near Aust, England, UK. Image courtesy of Yummifruitbat through Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

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