Fiscal Year 2012: A ‘Social’ Year in Review

As the Fiscal year closes organizations often take time to look back and celebrate the success of the year that has past. One area that is often over-looked (and for good business reasons) is the social calendar.

After a Poll of Random Intelexians, here are what we think are the Top 6 Intelex Social Events of 2012:

  1. Holiday Party RetreatAfter last year’s unbelievable weekend in Deerhurst, this could be the most anticipated event of Fiscal Year 2013!
  2. Vision Meeting Taking place each November Intelex’s Vision Meeting is an opportunity for our organization to gear up and focus on our Goals and strategic plans for the coming year. Below is a link for Vision Meeting 2011!
  3. User ConferenceEvery September we cherish the opportunity to connect and strengthen our bond with our customers. This is an event focused on best practices of our software, and showing some appreciation to our World Class Customer base.
  4. Spring Classic Golf TournamentAn Intelex event for Golfers and people who like to hang out on golf courses!
  5. The Boat CruiseThis was Intelex’s first venture out to sea…well Lake Ontario! It was a very memorable event as we spent the night cruising and dancing on the open water with our fellow Intelexians and guests!
  6. Ted Grunau DayEvery February 16th Intelex gathers to celebrate our Values and the people that embody them. To show our appreciation, we give out Grunau Grams to our fellow Intelexians!

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