7 Career-Defining Tips

Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to what it takes to have a successful career. That being said, you wouldn’t think it would take an Executive Coach to figure these out and that they would be considered common sense, but they are not!

In a recent Forbes article, an Executive Coach reveals “the best career advice ever”  advice that applies to any industry, any role and fits in nicely with Intelex’s Corporate Values: Leadership, Sustainability, Integrity, Respect for All Individuals, Teamwork & Trust, Stewardship, Hard Work, and Happiness.

1.      Recognize a diamond in the rough – you would be hard-pressed to find an organization that is perfect and of course everyone has their own definition of a “perfect organization”. It is also important to recognize that a career-defining moment can come from helping an organization get out of a tough situation.

2.      Be accountable – be the person who follows up, makes deadlines, and takes ownership. How do you gain respect from your clients, management and colleagues, if you can’t be trusted?

3.      Be honest – recognize when you’re wrong and speak up when you disagree. Standing out means having your own opinion.

4.      Treat everyone equally – no matter what your role is, respect goes a long way. It is as basic as referring to your direct reports as your colleagues rather than your staff.

5.      Be gracious – this one should be the most obvious, but is probably the most neglected. Self-entitlement plagues workplaces. Saying thank you for the opportunities you receive and recognizing a job well done goes a long way.

6.      Take initiative – don’t wait to be asked – be proactive!

7.      Help others – focusing only on your own development is not the only way to be recognized. Mentoring and developing someone else’s career shows your leadership potential.

Career tips based on Kristi Hedeges’ Forbes article, “Executive Coach Reveals Best Career Advice Ever”. 

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