Are you leading…or lagging? Revolutionizing safety performance in Oil and Gas

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So, you’re tracking safety performance. Great. What metrics are you tracking? Are you measuring the right elements of your safety program? What are your metrics telling you? In short: are you leading, or lagging?

If you can’t answer these questions, join us for Leading and Lagging Indicators: Revolutionizing Safety Performance in Oil & Gas. Geared towards leaders in the oil and gas sector but applicable to any business that has to deal with recording, managing and tracking workplace incidents, accidents, near-misses, environmental impacts and more on a regular basis, this free 30-minute webinar explores how reimagining your approach to environment, health and safety (EHS) metrics can revolutionize organizational performance, minimize costs and curtail risk. It is slated to begin at 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday, August 15.

In the presentation, Intelex oil and gas solution specialists Stephen Buffett and Gurpreet Lalwani will explore how to leverage leading and lagging indicators to improve overall organizational safety performance, gain greater insight into understand your indicators and what they mean for your organization, and the role of tools in converting lagging into leading indicators.

“Behind every fatality, behind every recordable incident, there’s going to be tons of near-misses, and hundreds if not thousands of at-risk behaviours,” adds Buffett. “By changing the way you track leading and lagging indicators, you can significantly reduce the risk of these business-critical errors ever occurring.”

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