Getting your resume to the top of the pile

A few weeks back in Bryan’s blog (The Top 5 Tips for Nailing the All-Important Phone Interview), he mentioned that the Professional Development Office (PDO) would be providing this series of blogs to provide candidates with more insight into the Intelex hiring process as well as best practices for making your next career move.  This week we wanted to focus on winning that phone interview – starting with your resume!

These key areas make a successful resume at Intelex:


Is your resume easy to read and navigate? We read through hundreds of resumes each week, trying to get to the core of what you can bring to Intelex. Rather than having your resume read like a copy of your previous job description, list specific projects and contributions you had in your last role.


Everyone has an opinion about what a resume should look like but in the end you need to be comfortable with your resume. After all, your resume is a reflection of you! At Intelex we feel our Corporate Culture has made us successful and as we grow we want to continue to enhance that culture. Your job is to sell yourself and what you could bring to the Intelex team.


Resumes are a balancing act – too much and you overwhelm your audience, where as too little leaves your audience with too many questions. Tell us what you think we need to know and leave the nitty-gritty details for the interview.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Skill and technical summaries are a great way to let us know what you can do, and it is also a great idea to connect these summaries to the roles where you have used them.

Staying Current

As a software company we are in an industry that is constantly changing – we like to see what candidates are doing to keep on top of new trends (courses, personal projects, conferences, certifications).

Also, keep your resume up to date. Let us know what have you been up to until now. And finally, this may be the most obvious point, but it is constantly overlooked: Keep it professional – spell check and proofread your resume before sending it!

Considering applying to Intelex? Check out our current opportunities on our Careers Page.

Next time in our Professional Development series of blog posts, published every second Wednesday, Corporate Trainer Purdal Mya will cover Expectations of New Intelexians.

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