How to Deal with Asbestos Exposure in your Workplace – Advice for Industrial Building Owners

{Part three of a three-part series}

Building owners play one of the primary roles in preventing asbestos exposure at the workplace. When constructing a building – or leasing out an existing facility that contains asbestos – building owners can take several steps that ensure safety on the premesis.

Only purchase asbestos-free building materials for renovations or new construction. Despite its known health hazards, asbestos materials are still being produced. In 2004, the United States used more than 3,000 metric tons of asbestos for roofing products, coatings and compounds and other industrial applications. Facility managers must specify that they want asbestos-free materials when placing or approving orders for building materials. Be sure to verify manufacturer’s certifications before making the purchase.

Schedule asbestos surveys for your properties. To best protect the workers in the building, owners must schedule a comprehensive building survey from a licensed asbestos abatement company. This survey will indicate where asbestos is present and which products need to be immediately addressed. As a facility owner, you should verify the conditions listed by the abatement company’s report. Also remember to schedule regular follow-up inspections every six months from the date of the original inspection.

Develop and implement an asbestos management program for each building. Owners must draft a thorough asbestos management plan that outlines their method of addressing asbestos-containing materials on their property. The policies should be as specific to the facility as possible, and should include information about:

  • Which items in your building contain asbestos
  • How you  will notify employees and building occupants of the asbestos
  • How you will train building occupants to avoid damaging asbestos-containing materials
  • How you plan to address asbestos emergencies in your building
  • Which work permits are necessary when asbestos in the building may be disturbed
  • Which work practices will be enforced to reduce the likelihood of asbestos exposure

Building owners may wish to hire a program development team to help construct the asbestos management plan. Maintenance and custodial staff, engineers, health and safety officials and industrial hygiene personnel can all contribute to the plan. Managers from the company that will occupy the building may also be involved.

Clearly label any materials in the building that you know contain asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials must be clearly labeled with warning signs. These signs should be placed on the materials themselves. Caution signs indicating the presence of asbestos should also be posted at the entrance for any area where asbestos products have been identified.

Provide your contact information to all the building residents. In the event that an asbestos-containing product in your building is disturbed, the occupants will need to contact you. Provide contact cards with your name, location, phone number and email address to the management of the company who occupies your building.

These steps can help reduce the likelihood that any industrial employees who work in or on your buildings are exposed to asbestos. In the event that an asbestos emergency arises in one of your properties, immediately contact OSHA at (800) 321-OSHA (6742).

This Intelex Guest Blog is the concluding post in a three-part series. Faith Franz is a writer for the Mesothelioma Center. She combines her interests in whole-body health and medical research to educate the mesothelioma community about the newest developments in cancer care. 

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  1. I didn’t know that asbestos materials are still being produced. I may not be a building owner but I am going to begin renovations for my house soon. I’ll have to make sure to verify the type of materials that will be used are asbestos free.

  2. Yes i agree this advice who mention author in this post ,So i have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

  3. I agree that scheduling regular asbestos inspections for your property can help you avoid them or have a professional remove them.It is important to remember that taking the time to do a little research ahead of time can help you call in the best services when you need them. My wife is looking into this so we avoid problems on our property so I will make sure I explain this to her.

  4. If your building is using asbestos it’s really important that you have the proper surveys and checks in place. I like that you mention scheduling a building survey from a licensed asbestos company because it’s important to know any safety hazards the building might have. I had no idea that you should schedule follow-up appointments every 6 months after too! Thanks for sharing.

  5. It makes a lot of sense that scheduling a comprehensive asbestos inspection would be really important to protecting your workers. Any preventative maintenance that you can do in the name of workplace safety would be an important part of keeping everyone working as well as they can. It not only would have physical impacts but if everyone is worried psychologically about a potential problem then it could decrease their effectiveness and productivity.

  6. It’s good to know more about asbestos in the workplace. I love how you said that it’s good to have a management program for each business. I hope the office I work in has a plan like that.

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