Intelexians lace up for first ever Biggest Loser Challenge

Intelexians have been participating in an internal biggest loser competition over the past month and participants held their first Biggest Loser Challenge last week.

In order to complete the challenge each participant first had to complete 10 pushups, 10 crunches and 10 burpees. From there they were instructed to head down the seven flights of stairs from the top of the building to the main floor to be greeted with a nutrition-based, skill-testing question. If the question was answered correctly they were to head back up the same flight of stairs. If they got it wrong, however, they were slapped with a penalty of running around the outside of the Intelex building before going heading back up the stairs to the seventh floor. 

Team “Weapons of Mass Reduction” came out on top with this challenge and saw the same results during the mid-point weigh-in, with Rob Calquhoun leading the way with 6.17% total body weight lost.

There is just under one month left in the challenge and we expect to see even more pounds shed from the team.  The individual winner of the challenge will receive a iPad as the reward for their accomplishment.

In the meantime, stay tuned, keep fit and have fun!

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