Beyond orientation: the essential advantages of onboarding

If you are an Intelexian, you can’t go far without seeing onboarding at work! And if you’re not an Intelexian, here is our insider perspective:

What is Onboarding? 

Onboarding is an opportunity to get all new Intelexians set up for success in their new company and their new role. Onboarding is more than orientation. Orientation is meant to familiarize new Intelexians with the organizational structure and important policies; it takes only half a day here at Intelex. For us in the Professional Development Office (responsible for onboarding), onboarding is the first chance to reveal the Intelex Platform and Products as well as (equally important) expose new employees to the culture and vision Intelex aspires to achieve.

Why do we Onboard?

Most new employees will decide on staying with a company within the first 45 days of employment. This reflects the importance of a planned onboarding program that helps employees through these difficult days. The benefit of even having onboarding puts us on par with other leading software companies in the world such as IBM (which harnesses e-learning tools) and Facebook (which gets new hires working on bugs immediately). Onboarding is often cited as an important Intelex benefit that helps attract top talent, but it also comes with a slew of other important effects including:

  • Increased team morale and performance. 
  • Higher employee satisfaction.
  • Lowered stress.
  • Improved role effectiveness.
  • Higher organizational commitment.
  • Lower employee turnover.

While it is hard to measure the bottom line impact of onboarding, the indirect effects (considering benefits such as these) are felt not only in the short term but across the lifetime of an employee’s career with Intelex. 

How do we Onboard at Intelex?

Intelex is a growing and diverse company. We hire new employees weekly to help us stay on top of dynamic industry standards, keep up with an increasing client base, and drive continued software innovation. Onboarding begins at Intelex every two weeks. For 10 days, new Intelexians learn about industries we serve (including how and why), platform & applications features, best practices in project implementations, sales approaches, and soft skills that will help you be effective with your teams, clients, or prospects. We do this by providing a collaborative environment where the system is tested through its limits and questioning is encouraged and explored. Our training environment provides a protected condition where we ensure concepts are well understood, resources are uncovered, teamwork is emphasized, and innovative solutions are devised. All of this while keeping the work load off home departments! 

In the interest of Intelex’s own focus on continuous improvement, onboarding @ Intelex is currently being reviewed to ensure it is relevant and reflecting the current needs of the company. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments about what onboarding could or should look like to you!

Next time in our Professional Development series of blog posts, published every second Wednesday, Professional Development Manager Anthony Cogliano will cover the importance of soft skills training.

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