Q&A: What an Intelex internship looks like

Recently, up-and-coming developer David Jun Cai wrapped up his three-month internship as a developer in Intelex’s Online Communities department. As a 19-year-old University of Waterloo Computer Engineering student, David got first-hand, front-line experience helping Intelex work on new and innovative projects, including Intelex’s amazing internal digital newsletter, IntelexPress.

I sat down with David before he left to discuss his time here, what he learned, and what he found unique about the Intelex experience.


Hi, David. So, what were you doing before coming to Intelex?

I was learning Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo.


How did you find out about this Internship?

I found out about this internship through University of Waterloo’s job search site for students going on their work term.


What attracted you to take this position at Intelex?

The position attracted me because I was always interested in how websites were made and how they worked. Also I thought I would learn the most here at Intelex compared to other co-op jobs. 


How did you find your time at Intelex?

I really enjoyed my time here at Intelex and the free breakfast on Thursdays.


What did you spend most of your time doing here?

I spent my time working on projects and improvements for the Intelex-Exchange community portal.


What special projects did you work on?

I created a Google map that shows the city location of all the companies that use Intelex-Exchange and I made the online version of IntelexPress. 


What unique features of the company did you notice after coming here?

I would say free breakfast on Thursdays.


What did you learn at Intelex?

I learned so much here at Intelex. When I got here I only knew how to write C# code and a bit of html but now I can write JavaScript, css, more html, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, and I also improved in C#. I believe that this will definitely help me in the future either for school or for work.


What will you do after leaving Intelex?

I’m going back to Waterloo for my study term.


Anything else you would like to add?

I’m really glad that Intelex was the place I went to for my first work term.


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