The Top 5 tips for nailing the all-important phone interview

Intelex’s Professional Development Office (PDO) is excited to kick off a series of blogs every other Wednesday that highlight the Intelex hiring and onboarding processes, as well as trends in recruiting and learning and development.

Intelex has received a lot of attention recently. After being selected as a Greater Toronto Top Employer, a Great Place to Work (fifth in Canada), and a three-time recipient of the Deloitte Fast 500 Tech Companies honour, among all the other awards that have come our way in the last 12 months. We think it is important to help individuals who are very interested in the company, through the Intelex recruiting process, and that’s why we’ve launched this series of blog posts.

For this entry I would like to discuss The Phone Interview. Most candidates will be interviewed on the phone prior to being brought in for an in-person interview. The process is generally fairly short, usually no more than fifteen minutes.

Here’s our Top 5 tips for nailing the phone interview:

  1. Be Yourself: Our family-oriented corporate culture at Intelex is very central to who we are and what we do, and finding the right people for this environment is a critical part of the recruitment process. So the phone interview is a great opportunity to show us who you are. You know, putting a personality to the resume! While the interview could include some technical questions, in many cases it will feel just like a conversation. We want to get a sense of who you are so let your personality shine through.
  2. Think About Your Future: In addition to getting a sense of the types of roles you have had in the past, the recruitment team at Intelex is really trying to get a sense of what you want to do and where you want to be in the future. Before going on the call, lend some thought to your desired career path. 
  3. Get Comfortable: The key to performing well on the phone has as much to do with your experience being in line with the role, as it is with how comfortable you are. If you are nervous, let us know. We want you to perform at your best.
  4. Do Your Research: I believe there is nothing more frustrating for a Recruiter when talking to a candidate, than to have them ask what company this role is for, or what the company does. This is information that is available on the internet, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, et al. The Corporate Recruitment Office does its best to schedule phone interviews with time for candidates to prepare. It does not take long to look up some facts, to re-read the job description, have a preliminary understanding of the role. So be prepared!
  5. Ask Questions: As Recruiters we often get asked the same questions over and over; tell me about the corporate culture, where is the company heading, what do you like about working with Intelex. All great questions, and a lot of time information that is not readily available. We also love to have questions that challenge us to think! 

In the PDO’s next blog we will talk about the importance of Onboarding! If you have any suggested topics you would like us to cover, write me or leave a comment below.

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