Taking your manufacturing ERP to the Cloud

It seems as though everything is moving towards the “Cloud” these days. But uploading pictures from your latest vacation vs. moving your manufacturing company’s business ERP system to the Cloud are two very different things with two completely different sets of challenges. The question that arises for the latter is if a Cloud-based ERP can even handle specific manufacturing needs such as detailed production tracking, production scheduling and product traceability. According to Mark Symond’s recent article, Software & Analysis: Cloud ERP Meets Manufacturing from Quality Magazine, the answer is yes.

Mark outlines many of the benefits of Cloud-based ERP systems, the related trend of software as a service (SaaS) and how they mitigate several pain points of traditional on-premise solutions. Key benefits include avoiding the challenges associated with updating software versions when vendors push out new releases, eliminating the internal IT resources required to maintain software in-house and being able to leverage online user communities and social media tools such as wikis and blogs to allow users to collaborate, communicate and drive improvements to the solution.

Check out Mark’s full article here and to learn more about Intelex’s web-based Quality Management System visit our product page.

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