Happy Birthday ISO 9000 Standards!

Last month marked the 25th anniversary for the ISO 9000 series of quality standards. With over one million companies registered to the standard, it’s clear that the 9000 series plays an important role for many organizations in ensuring the quality of their products and services.

Paul Borawski, CEO of ASQ comments in his blog on the subject, 25 Years of ISO 9000, that “the ISO 9000 series of standards have helped usher quality into many organizations.  I’ve met a lot of senior executives who swear by the value of being certified and who can tell me chapter and verse how they have used the standards and certification process to drive improvement and sustainable gains in their organization.”

We hear similar comments from our clients, many of whom use our software to certify to the standard. Take our recent webinar with David Forget from the Town of Ajax as a case in point. As the first municipality in North America to become ISO 9001 certified, the town has found incredible value in achieving and maintaining the standard. The webinar Quality City: The value of ISO 9001 and Quality Management in Municipalities, while focused on municipalities, would be of interest to anyone within a service industry who is thinking of adopting the standard. For more information on how Intelex software helps companies manage their certification requirements visit our Quality Management System product page.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday ISO 9000 Standards!

  1. Kristy, As you mentioned, the quality of many organizations owes it all to ISO 9000. Also
    having a quality management software inside the organization will be a highly effective solution to get certified against ISO 9001.
    Thanks for reminding of ISO 9000.

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