Veresen’s SMART Idea

Last week Training Specialist Steph DiRaddo conducted our largest in-house user training session with client Veresen Inc, which owns and operates energy infrastructure assets across North America. The training stretched over two days and brought Veresen plant managers from their eastern facilities together with the Alberta-based project team here at Intelex headquarters in Toronto.

Veresen is getting ready to launch their appropriately named SMART (Sustainability Management and Reporting Tool) using Intelex’s EHS Incident Management application to 200 users across North America. The project team has been working diligently to ensure a smooth introduction of the new system to various internal departments, and in doing so has provided a great example of how they can creatively engage employees that will be working with the system.

Demonstrating their full commitment to SMART, and to further encourage user adoption and integration, the Veresen Project Team went as far as creating a new logo and some terrific branded materials. Ergonomic mouse pads and travel first aid kits with the SMART logo will be a nice complement to the roll-out of the system and a great addition to users’ offices. “Their brand marketing for the project is something I’ve never seen,” Steph commented. “They are using the system to cultivate a culture shift in the way they look at EHS.”

User adoption is such an important piece in maximizing the use and benefit of the system, and Veresen has gone the extra mile to ensure SMART is welcomed and embraced into the company’s safety reporting activities. This is definitely a smart initiative and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!

More Tips to Help Boost User Adoption

Here are some other ways that you can encourage user adoption of the Intelex system throughout your organization:

  • Ask senior management to communicate the implementation of Intelex through a companywide announcement. This may come in the form of an email, internal newsletter or intranet posting.
  • Distribute brochures detailing the applications or systems being used.
  • Make instructional manuals readily available to users and provide information specific to their access level.
  • Create a micro-site on your website where employees can access system FAQs, workflow diagrams, helpful links, etc.
  • Give your active users access to Intelex-Exchange, an online portal full of learning materials and system resources.
  • Dedicate a person or team (depending on implementation size) to be the “Intelex Guru”, the go-to person for questions, training or anything Intelex-related.

Intelex’s marketing team is able to assist any client with the above mentioned items and can help tailor any existing resources to meet specific needs.


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