What you need to know about the Food Safety Modernization Act

The world of EHS legislation, regulations and issues can be confusing at best sometimes, so it helps to have a little bit of clarity. That’s why EHS This Week is launching EHS In Depth, a new interview series designed to look at the fundamentals of a particular EHS issue.

This week we’re tackling a big one: the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) a huge piece of legislation that will revolutionize how companies in the food and beverage industry go about their business. In our inaugural broadcast I’ve invited industry specialist Jeremy Mawson to answer some key questions, including:

  • What the legislation means to companies in the food and beverage industry.
  • Where regulators are at in terms of rolling out the new rules.
  • What kind of costs FSMA will mean to American businesses, and more.

Don’t forget to write me at paul@ehsthisweek.com with any suggestions you have for future areas of discussion, and tune in to our weekly podcast on Friday afternoon when we discuss the week’s top stories in environment, health and safety news.

[audio: old/mp3/EHS_This_Week_Jan_25_FSMA.mp3]

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