Quality management and ISO 9001…in municipalities?

These days ISO 9001 has become such a pervasive term, and while some might not know exactly what it means, almost everyone has seen the words pop up on the sides of manufacturers, machine shops, and other industrial facilities.

But while the quality management standard specification can apply to literally any business in any industry, many are still surprised to imagine that its scope goes beyond the walls of discrete manufacturers and processing plants. Indeed, it even applies to municipalities. Except, instead of describing a process for how a bolt is tightened, in the context of a municipal corporation, ISO 9001 might dictate how a customer service call is handled. In either case, the underlying methodology for describing the processes will ultimately be similar.

Those in the municipal sector who are looking to develop or improve a quality management program shouldn’t miss our our feature webinar, Quality City: The value of ISO 9001 and Quality Management in Municipalities. This joint webinar will be hosted by Intelex and David Forget, the Town of Ajax’s manager of quality service. Ajax was the first municipality in North America to achieve full ISO 9001 certification, an accomplishment that David spearheaded.

Among other things, including specific examples of Ajax’s situation, David will discuss:

  • The benefits and ROI that flow from implementing a quality management program within a municipal organization.
  • The challenges municipalities can expect to face when rolling out a quality management system.
  • Getting buy-in for a quality program from senior management.
  • Why seek ISO 9001 certification for your municipal corporation.
  • The relationship between streamlined quality management and improved business performance.

Whether you work with a  municipality directly, or in any other service-based organization, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Download this free on demand webinar today!

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