Our Top 5 most popular blog posts of 2011

Between sweeping new regulations, ambitious new OHS programs, and environmental controversy in the U.S. and Canada, EHS issues were top of mind throughout 2011. To wrap up a year that had no shortage of headlines, we’ve analyzed last year’s Intelex blog stats to determine the most popular posts of 2011. Without further adieu, here are the Top 5:

  1. I2P2, hazardous chemicals, high-risk construction among top OSHA priorities for 2011: OSHA Secretary of Labour Dr. David Michaels kicked off the year with an online chat outlining some of OSHA’s top priorities for 2011. While many of his priorities – including the ambitious I2P2 program and the addition of an MSD column to OSHA Form 300 reports – did not make it through the gates by the end of the year, this overview provided some guidance on where OSHA’s priorities lie in the very near future.
  2. Start preparing for new OSHA fall protection requirements now: Fall safety, which for many years has landed in the top spot of OSHA’s list of most frequently cited violations, was a chief concern for residential builders across the U.S. as OSHA implemented new fall protection requirements.
  3. The Top 5 upcoming OHS regulatory events you need to know about: Placing third on our Top 5 is, well, another Top 5! We combed through a variety of upcoming OHS legislation, regulations and literature to identify the five key OHS regulatory events that will have the most impact on businesses from coast to coast. Topping the list was OSHA’s monumental Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2), which will have an equally monumental impact on U.S. businesses. It hasn’t been implemented yet, but could see the light of day in the very near future.
  4. No more ‘catch me if you can’ – I2P2 and what it could mean for you: Well, if there is a emerging theme to this list, it might have something to do with I2P2. For most organizations, it is a distant thunder, buried in clouds gathering on the horizon. But for the proactive business, it ought to be so much more given its scope is absolutely vast and will essentially redefine how all companies manage safety.
  5. Sustainability as a business opportunity: And finally, it wasn’t all about safety in 2011. As organizations continue to seek value in sustainability initiatives and as environmental advocates try to achieve buy-in from senior management on green programs in the face of a turbulent climate, we flipped the argument on its head. Instead of viewing sustainability programs as a financial burden, it should be thought of as an investment that carries great returns.

We are always on the hunt for fresh content ideas that are important to our readers. Write me or use the comments section below to share your ideas. Happy New Year!

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