Five Intelex users from Virgin Atlantic visit Toronto

Last week, five employees from Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. (VAA) spent three days in Toronto for Intelex training. The group will be VAA’s newest Intelex power users, helping to support the airline’s companywide use of the Intelex system.

Intelex Project Manager Anto Sandrasagra worked with VAA to create the training agenda, which was designed specifically for this group of users who are taking on Intelex system administrator roles at the company. Based on these new roles, the training included sessions on reporting, creating dashboards, managing documents, setting up users, and building iForms®. Intelex Training Specialist Dave McLean led the first round of training and Project Consultant Ceila Lee led the second, which focussed on iForms®.

At the end of day three, on their last night before heading back home to Crawley, England, a group of us enjoyed dinner on one of Toronto’s most popular patios and then performed a few songs at a nearby Karaoke bar. The picture above is of us at the Black Bull with the CN Tower in the background. From far left (top row): Denhue, Carmela (that’s me!), Dave, Anto and (bottom row): Adam, Yvonne, and Kim.

It’s always a pleasure to have Intelex clients in our office and it was especially wonderful to meet another five VAA employees. We hope all of you will be able to join us again this September in Toronto for the 2011 Intelex User Conference!

Virgin Atlantic Airways developed its own customized Incident Reporting Management and Analysis System (IRMA) using Intelex’s iForm® tool. The airline uses IRMA to track and report on all incidents and claims. See more Intelex clients or request a demo to learn more about Intelex’s iForms® system and other solutions.

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