Take a trip to Planet ISO

As a youth I remember passing large industrial buildings in my hometown featuring large signs emblazoned with one straightforward message: “ISO 9001 Certified.”

Though my father was a quality assurance manager at a large mining company, at the time I really had no idea what the statement meant. I figured ISO certification was a good thing, but couldn’t explain what it was. Now that I live in the world of environment, health, safety and quality, I have a pretty good grasp on what ISO standards are all about, but at the time, I really could have used a visit to Planet ISO.

Whether you’re new to the world of ISO standards or not, chances are you’ll find some value in the Planet ISO YouTube channel. The page contains a ton of useful videos on everything ISO, including:

Not only is the site useful for introducing yourself to the world of ISO standards; it’s also a great way to stay on top of new information coming out of the  International Organization for Standardization.

While you’re at it, check out ISO’s Facebook Page. It is a surprisingly useful resource for any personnel charged with implementing or maintaining conformance to ISO 14001, 9001 and 26000 as well as other standards specifications.

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