So who reports anyway?

GRI Reports List

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in recent years. That’s because more and more organizations have been reporting every year since the organization launched in 1999.

But have you ever wondered who, exactly, is reporting? The answers are much closer than you think. The GRI website features a comprehensive, downloadable reports list containing information on all organizations that have provided sustainability reports along GRI guidelines through the past 12 years (that GRI is aware of). You can download the report as a Microsoft Excel file here.

While only a few organizations have reported in 2011 (we’re only in the second month of the year, after all), what is striking about the list is the sheer increase of the amount of organizations that report year after year. Nearly 1,800 organizations reported in 2010, up from about 1,450 in 2009.

After downloading the report, you can sort by organization, country, region, adherence level and status (i.e., whether an organization’s GRI compliance status was GRI-checked or self-declared). The spreadsheet also provides links to (where available) the published reports of existing organizations.

So, for example, if your organization is looking for GRI best practices, find a relevant organization in the spreadsheet, check out their Application Level score (expressed as a alphabetical grade reflecting the extent to which a report adheres to GRI guidelines), then download and review their report to get an idea of what reporting formats and formulas might work for you.

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