Intelex celebrates the holiday in style

Set of four wins extra raffle tickets!
Intelex celebrated the holiday season with a night of dinner and dancing on Saturday, December 4th at The Carlu, a unique and historical venue in downtown Toronto. Guests enjoyed a varied menu of hors d'oeuvres including mini beef burgers, pulled chicken & mulled pear quiches, grilled prawns, seasoned potato wedges, mini salmon pot pies, and eggplant ratatouille. Late night sweets included Oreo, praline, coconut & almond cheesecake lollipops and sliced fruit & berries.

As Intelexians and their dates arrived at The Carlu, they each received one playing card. Everyone then needed to make a set of four by finding their same number in the other three suits, all from the same deck. Those who found their matches were awarded additional tickets for the raffle. Raffle prizes were given out by President/CEO Mark Jaine, who organized the event and picked out the prizes himself. Raffle prized included an Xbox 360 Kinect, a Sony Cyber-shot camera, Best Buy gift cards, and two 16GB iPads with WiFi. When prizes weren't being given out, the dance floor was overflowing with dancers, many in their bare feet!

A big thanks goes out to all those who helped us celebrate this holiday season and a special thanks to Mark Jaine for treating us to an incredibly memorable night! To my fellow Intelexians, Intelex clients, and clients to be – Happy Holidays & all the best in 2011!

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