GFSR seeks to simmer food safety woes

Food safety uncertainty? HACCP hiccups? Supply chain strain? You’re not alone. In recent years, food safety issues have been a part of the daily news cycle. Between food recalls, devastating food-borne illnesses, and movements by western governments to tighten food safety regulations, the relationship between global food companies and consumers has never been more apparent.

For the unprepared business, achieving the highest level of food safety performance can be costly and overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s help. The Global Food Safety Resource Centre (GFSR) is an amazing new resource designed to walk organizations through the increasingly complex task of complying with food safety regulations, implementing food management systems, or learning more about cutting edge developments in food safety leadership and technology.

Whether you’re looking for easy access to food safety specialists, guidance on complying with food safety regulations and standards, or extensive resources on industry best practices, news and technology, GFSR is positioned to be the one-stop-shop for food safety leadership.

“Food safety and security have become critical issues; it’s a challenge for many food businesses to implement a HACCP-based food management system, the costs associated with it can be onerous, especially during the global economic crisis,” says Tina Brillinger, President and Founder of GFSR, noted in a statement from the new Toronto-based organiuzation. “Many food businesses are struggling to make ends meet with little-to-no resources to help them. GFSR helps fill this void by giving businesses throughout the food supply chain, regardless of their size, equal access to resources they can trust.”

GSFR has a no-fee, open membership that ensures anyone with access to the system is a qualified food safety expert or a verified member of the food safety community.

If you want to position your company as a food safety leader, learn more about or simply prevent your organization from becoming the next headline, take a look at GFSR’s free offering.

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