Popularity of Intelex’s online training webinars on the rise

Intelex training webinars are hotter than ever! In the last year, Intelex Project Consultants and Training Specialists have facilitated 22 free training webinars for over 300 Intelex users. Our 30-minute training webinars are designed to be both introductions for new users and refreshers for users who are looking to enhance their use of a particular feature. Most webinar topics are suggested by Intelex users themselves. On occasion, we create a series focusing on new releases or popular topics.

Earlier this year, we offered five training webinars on new features available in 5.1, the most recent version of the Intelex system. Today, we’re half way through a series dedicated to the Intelex Reporting Suite. Starting with the most basic and leading up to the most complex, the Report Building series has been divided into four separate webinars. Not only is it a benefit for clients to learn in stages, it gives them an opportunity to practice building some reports before advancing to the next stage.

For Intelex users who aren’t available to catch the live webinars, Intelex has created a library of webinar recordings, which clients can access day or night on Intelex-Exchange, Intelex’s online client portal. Other videos in our library include instructional videos, client presentations from Intelex User Conferences, and messages from Intelex President and CEO, Mark Jaine.
Intelex users can view course details and register for upcoming training webinars on Intelex-Exchange. If you don’t already have access to the Intelex-Exchange, submit a request online.

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