Intelex and WD-40 Company Keep Documents Under Control

WD-40 For any company who deals with multiple manufacturers and suppliers in the production of their product, it can become problematic at times to ensure that the most recent and up-to-date versions of documents related product specifications and manufacturing processes are being used by these 3rd parties. This was one of the critical elements that WD-40 Company wanted to address when they were assembling their Quality Management System. It is for this reason that they selected Intelex to provide them with a solution to address their document management needs.

Leveraging Intelex’s web-based platform and document control module, WD-40 Company was able to create a centralized online portal, accessible to everyone involved in their manufacturing process around the globe, where they can access the most recent design specification and process documents to build from.

To read more about how WD-40 Company utilized Intelex’s web-based software solutions, read the article featured in Quality Magazine’s recent “How To” issue here.

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