Encore Presentation of Supplier Management Webinar

Intelex webinar "Tracking Your Way to Optimal Supplier Performance" sparked so much interest that we're going to offer it again on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010! Bevin Lyon, Intelex Executive Account Manager who has helped dozens of organizations implement supplier management software, will return as your host and subject matter expert to deliver valuable information and answer all of your questions related to supplier performance tracking.

A variety of supplier management concerns were discussed and Bevin also talked about what he believes a company's method of supplier performance evaluation should include: cost, delivery, service, quality, compliance, financial, safety, and information protection, all of which he addressed in further detail.

For instance, when evaluating a supplier's service performance, an organization should ask the following questions: has the supplier resolved discrepancies quickly? Has the supplier failed to respond to inquiries and requests? Does the supplier direct an appropriate level of technology towards customer service and process improvements? 

And in terms of quality performance, has the supplier provided products and services that consistently meet or exceed specifications, standards, and expectations? Does the supplier offer competitive warranties? Does the supplier comply with certification requirements?

To learn more and have your questions answered, register now for Intelex's encore presentation of "Tracking Your Way to Optimal Supplier Performance" on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010.

For more information on this Intelex webinar, or to ask questions about supplier management software, please contact Bevin Lyon at 416.599.6009 x244.

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